Hilary Druxman

Hilary dedicates her unwavering passion, artistry and expertise to jewelry design and handcrafted production. After earning a degree in Economics at the University of Manitoba, she learned design, precision craftsmanship, repair and appraisal through eight years experience with Dunn Jewellers. While designing and creating her own sterling silver jewelry, she attained certification as a Graduate Gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America. Establishing Hilary Druxman Design in 1994, Hilary’s designs were showcased in Toronto, New York and global markets and featured in fashion and industry magazines, retail stores and advertising in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. In 2006, she centralized her retail and online businesses to one location in Winnipeg’s historical Merchant Building. Hilary created the Good Works initiative, designing unique jewelry for local and national charities, with profits from sales donated back to them. Since its inception over ten years ago, more than $500,000 has been contributed through Good Works. Passion and perseverance, talent and skill, strong leadership and an unfailing sense of humor are the cornerstones of Hilary’s success, not only as a business owner, but in relationship with employees, associates, clients and her beloved husband and two sons.

Jennifer W

Jennifer Wyman

Working with our team since 2008, Jennifer applies her outstanding administrative skills to the success of our business and has developed many other skills critical to our success. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in History in 2004. A self-taught professional photographer, Jennifer’s creative and technology skills are driving our website and social media presence. She also manages our online store, dealing with customers and staff alike. Jennifer is passionate about rescuing Boston Terriers. She loves to travel and photograph animals and nature.


Lindsay Nolin

Lindsay manages production support for both the online and retail store, and provides exceptional and friendly customer service. She gained experience in jewelry industry before joining our team and has recently earned the Graduate Gemologist (GG) designation from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Lindsay is a Francophone from the heart of St. Boniface. She is passionate about her cultural identity and gemstones.


Dolly Jain

Dolly provides friendly and knowledgeable customer service and assists in the production of our products. After graduating from University of Mumbai with an Arts and Communications degree, she worked in her family’s jewelry business in India. Dolly continued her studies in computer-aided jewelry design and moved to Canada with her husband in 2010. They are now loving parents to their son born in 2015.


Thuan Quach

Thuan is our highly skilled and artistic Master Jeweller who works tirelessly creating many of the pieces in our vast collection. While living in Soc Trang, Vietnam, Thuan ran a jewelry repair shop from his home for five years. He moved to Canada in 1995 and joined our team in 1998. Thuan is a hardworking, natural leader and plays an important role as our head production manager. Thuan has developed many ingenious solutions to make things run most efficiently and he loves all aspects of goldsmithing. His true passion is fishing on a cool autumn day.

Jennifer M

Jennifer Mizak

Jennifer has excelled throughout her 35-year career as a goldsmith. She graduated from the Sturgeon Creek jewelry arts program in 1984 and brings her high level of skills and artistic flair to everything she works on. Jennifer enjoys collaborating with our team on new projects and enthusiastically contributes her unique ideas and creativity to our project planning. Jennifer is a great storyteller and enlivens our team’s interaction with endless content from both her personal and professional life.


Gene Mayoralgo

Gene is an exceptional goldsmith and stone setter. His skill and ability allow us to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. A third-generation goldsmith who started his apprenticeship at the early age of 14, Gene graduated from a vocational school in Manila, Philippines in 1977. In 1989 he moved to Canada with his wife and children, where he continued to master his skills as a goldsmith.


Anthea Rolston

Anthea is currently studying Biopsychology at the University of Winnipeg, as well as volunteering at the Winnipeg Children’s Hospital. In spite of her busy schedule, Anthea still manages to commit to work for us on Saturdays, bringing her warm and friendly presence to our store and our team. Ever an adventurer, Anthea climbed to the Everest base camp in 2018. 


Morgan Sizeland Fontaine

Morgan is a consulting writer and editor for our blog and Good Works enclosure cards. A graduate of Communications and Public Administration programs at the University of Manitoba and Red River College, she has worked with federal, First Nations, health and social service organizations. Morgan is a key support in her husband’s public education work around Indian residential schools and reconciliation. She also loves animals and nature, and exploring ways for words to illuminate the artistry and skills of jewelry design and craftsmanship.


Photos by Andrew Sikorsky