In an effort to reduce the long term effects of metal mining on our earth’s natural resources, Hilary Druxman Design is committed to implementing safe environmental practices, which will assist in minimizing the demand for newly mined metals. We save and recycle all scrap metal produced in the manufacturing of our products. All scrap, sweepings, and even our dust is sent off to be refined and recycled back into the world’s precious metal market. This helps reduce the demand on newly mined metals, which in turn, helps reduce the amount of energy required to mine virgin metal.

Final piece from recycled materials


With gold, silver, and platinum prices at an all time high now is a great opportunity to realize the value of all your unused/broken jewelry. Simply make an appointment to have Hilary Druxman consult with you to determine the value of your gold, silver or platinum. After the value is determined, use the credit towards a custom designed piece, choose a piece from our existing designs or simply get cash back.

Contact us toll free at 1.877.212.8122 or 204.947.1322 or email to book your appointment.

  • no minimum order
  • our experienced jewellers will carefully unset your stones
  • all metals gold silver and platinum