Share the Love

Because of you

Hilary Druxman inspires clients to share love by giving and receiving with an open heart, sharing what we have, helping when we can, and caring when someone needs us.

Just as the moon’s gravitational pull generates a tidal force, causing high and low tides, love and caring ebb and flow in our hearts, lighting the pathways of our lives and those around us.

Hilary Druxman cares deeply about our community and is committed to the importance of giving back. Through her Good Works Partnership Program, Hilary supports local non-profit organizations by designing unique necklaces inspired by their missions. Proceeds from the sales of each Good Works piece are donated exclusively back to the organizations.

In 2019, Hilary Druxman donated $55,498 to more than 80 non-profit organizations through Good Works Partnerships. Good Works jewelry helps organizations to commemorate their purpose, recognize leadership and volunteers, raise funds and heighten awareness and recognition.

Good Works sterling silver necklaces are widely sought out by clients who support community organizations by adding these pieces to their own jewelry collections and by gifting to others.

Hilary also promotes our community through the success of her international jewelry business, and by attracting clients and tourists to our city and to Winnipeg’s heritage Exchange District.

The love we hold in our hearts empowers and opens all possibilities to extend love to others. Let your light shine by sharing love with those you know, and those you don’t know yet.

Unleash the tidal force powers of your heart to reach out, and allow others to graciously bestow their love upon you.

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate love. Light up our community on this and every day by sharing love with those you care about, and those many others your tidal waves can reach.

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